Hey, I'm Ina!

creator of Ina Media

Here is how I help busy entrepreneurs elevate their brands and increase sales:

✅ I implement proven Marketing Strategies into your Social Media

✅ I target Ideal Clients for your Business

✅ I attract new leads for your Business Launches

👉  Grow an engaged community that will fall in love with your services

👉  Implement proven Marketing Strategies to be found by Ideal Clients

Book this consultation with me over ZOOM if you need one of these services:

  • Manage & Grow your Social Media for 2022
  • Digital Marketing Strategies for Businesses
  • Attract Clients with Instagram
Instagram Growth Hacks from an Instagram Manager

How I started?

I’m an Instagram Marketing Manager for online businesses.

I left my 9-5 to start my Marketing Agency and now I help badass business babes grow their businesses. I had to research and learn everything about Marketing and how to start a business… because, let’s be honest, University does not teach us how to be our own bosses, they teach us how to grow other peoples big businesses.

The best thing I I did was to invest in myself.

I am certified in Digital Marketing from WHARTON, but after that I was left asking myself: “What did this teach me about being my own Marketer? About growing my own Business?”. It did teach me a lot, but mostly it was about becoming the Marketing Manager of some big company, not my own small business.

So, I enrolled in different Masterminds & Business Courses, I decided to invest and learn from people who had been there and done what I wanted to achieve. I have been trained by Tony Robbins, Natalie Ellis of BossBabes, Vanesaa Lau with her BGA program, Mirela Sula with Global Woman. This is where my love for coaching comes from.

I have also mentored & coached other people for free applying my strategies, until I was sure I could provide results to others as well.

Now I am happy to say that I have a proven method and proven  strategies on how to start and grow an Online Business with Instagram, even with a very small following, and get consistent clients with ease! 

Now it’s time to grow your business!

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Inside this fully packed 42-page eBook:

  • Instagram Organic Growth Methods that work
  • Optimised to see results quickly
  • Blow Up your Instagram Visibility & Engagement

What you will learn:

  • How to Build Your Personal Brand, as a Creator or Entrepreneur
  • Find Your Goals for your Instagram profile
  • Clarify Your Mission for others
  • Content Strategy
  • Instagram Engagement and Growth hacks


  • highly engaged hashtag bank (directly to use copy-paste)
Instagram Growth Hacks from an Instagram Manager 2021 2022

What others are saying!

"Ina is very careful and strategic when creating your Personalised Instagram Marketing Plan in order to achieve your business goals. She implements all the steps and strategies. I started to be found by clients on Instagram and close them on DMs, even with a small following!"
testimonial instagram growth
Keili N.
Ina managed my Instagram during the pre-launch of my offer and has been able to locate my true calling in ideal clients. We are now implementing her marketing strategies and already have had successfully obtain a number of leads from just one market research . Looking forward to implementing all her strategies to bang out sales👏🏼
Instagram Growth Hacks from an Instagram Manager
Lisbeth P.
Ina is great to work with! She’s very knowledgeable and always available to answer my questions. I signed 2 new clients only the first week of working together. She fully involves herself in your business needs. Would totally recommend to anyone looking for help into outsourcing their business Social Media! 😊
Instagram Growth Hacks from an Instagram Manager
Kassidy K.

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